Millennials : the generation that will change the future of communications. How can your brand engag

It is no news that Millennials are establishing new demands for products and ingredients along with different ways of buying and selling items. According to a recent report from Euromonitor Internationals, Millennials, the generation born in the 80s, now account for 24% of world population and will account for 50% of global consumption by 2020. These figures reinforce the presumable impact that this generation has had to changes in the market, as well as the potential impact of better understanding these new consumers’ behavior as a key point in the design of marketing strategies. Being the first generation to experience a truly globalized and hyper connected world, Millennials are driving communications to an increasingly dynamic and digital era. However, this acknowledgement is just a first step into guaranteeing marketing strategy´s success. These consumers are more conscious about their purchases, and communication might not be enough if the company's mission does not align to their values and beliefs.

Get a glimpse of the top 3 key factors your brand needs to engage with this new consumers, and raise your chances of entering their shopping list: 1) Transparency: Besides comparing prices through different electronic devices and search engines, Millenials also care about buying from companies that share their same values, like natural resources preservation and contribution to social causes. 2) Health and well-being essence: being more conscious of the relation between food and health, these consumers are looking for options that help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. Convenience and health is a crucial combination for them. Good news is besides aiming at eating right, Millennials are also into getting their hands dirty as farmers. Therefore, brand actions that teach them how to use their products in their own kitchen are successful, just because this generation is more open to new experiences. 3) Be there: these consumers tend to look at their peers’ behavior, purchasing goods based on social connections. In times where social networks are increasingly becoming part of everyday life, these communication platforms cannot be left apart when approaching this audience. Brand presence and digital influencers, often looked out as sources of inspiration and credible information, are quickly changing the game. There are many ways of approaching this key factors, such as identification of key digital influencers, portfolio assessment, and activation of social media. We at GA4HNC are continuously working to empower our clients in the challenge of making brands meaningful for consumers. Contact us and find out more on how we can help your business engage with this generation!

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