Less is more - Clean Label!

How nutrition labeling affects consumer choice

In recent years the search for healthy food has been exponentially growing. This market opportunity results in the launch of numerous new products year after year with different nutritional claims, affecting the choice of the consumer at the point of sale. But how relevant are nutritional claims in differentiating the product in the gondola? Although the majority of consumers read the labels, it is known that a large number of them doesn’t understand the information, therefore becoming little effective in communicating the message. A survey conducted by Ingredion showed that more than 70% of European consumers state to read the claims at the front of the packaging, and that 60% take the list of ingredients into account when choosing. They look for "familiar" ingredients with names they can understand, they want to read the label as someone who reads a cake recipe. This trend known as "Clean-Label" is not only related to natural, organic or "free" products, but to the consumer's need to recognize the ingredients that make up the product.

However, it is worth noting that this may pose a major technological challenge to food manufacturers who will need to invest time and money in some functional substitutes to ingredients not recognized today. According to Ingredion, this labeling trend represents "a commercial necessity" in the long run. Read the original article here: . Source: Food Navigator.

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